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Afri-Sol is a network of scientists and other stakeholders with interest in Solanaceae species in Africa. Afri-Sol is affiliated to the Sol Genomics Network ( Afri-Sol was created with the realization that a number of African solanaceous plants are increasingly playing an important role in meeting the nutritional and health needs of many households globally. Scientists also continue to look for novel traits from wild plants of the Solanaceae family that are native to the African continent. Current research activity in the rich diversity available on the African continent, however, does not match the potential value of these plants. There has been very little consolidated effort towards proper conservation, management, improvement and promotion of valuable germplasm. Afri-Sol brings together a multidisciplinary team of stakeholders with the goal of unlocking the potential of African solanaceous species biodiversity for the improvement of nutrition,health and income. Afri-Sol also aims to address knowledge gaps that lead to the underutilization of solanaceous plants. The network is currently hosted at Uganda Christian University’s Department of Agricultural and Biological Sciences.

Our Vision

 Exploit indigenous African Solanaceae vegetables for improved livelihoods in Africa

Our Mission

We are committed to foster and promote research,innovations and conservation of African indigenous Vegetables (AIVs)

Our Goal

To address existing gaps in unlocking African indigenous Vegetables (AIVs) potential for improvement of nutrition, health and income in Africa

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Idiah Ibunda

We have been taught about nutrition and consumption of vegetables. Our Children have learnt how to consume vegetables and we have been taught new ways of ...

Dr. Yemi Akinbamijo

The innovations and technologies developed under this project are scalable under the South-South cooperation allowing for knowledge and technology transfer; and adoption to other regions ...