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Seed System remain an important aspect of improving crop production and is an invaluable component of enhancing the utilization of African solanaceous crops.There is need to identify relevant stakeholders, in seed production, seed markets, quality management and regulation, as well as determine optimum seed management conditions for the benefit of the producers and consumers

Solanum aethiopicum is an important vegetable widely cultivated and utilized in most African countries. The crop is rich in micronutrients and surplus produce can be sold in local and regional markets to generate income. Despite its importance, very little research has been done on the crop. Afri-SOL is undertaking a whole genome sequencing (WGS) of

The launch of a project entitled ‘Enhancing nutrition security and incomes through adding value to indigenous vegetables in East and Central Uganda.’ The project is birthed from an EU initiative for enhancing African European Partnerships on Agricultural Research for Development (PAEPARD) funded through Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA). Launched on Monday 3rd November