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Multi-locational field evaluation trials were established in May 2019 in 5 different locations in Uganda (Mukono, Kamuli, Buikwe, Luwero, and Masaka) for Amaranthus and African eggplant (leaf type commonly referred to as Nakati in Uganda). The fields are being assessed by MAAIF for DUS in preparation for seed certification and variety release. Training on vegetable

To optimize soil water management for commercial varieties, soil sampling to profile farmer fields in three locations and the laboratory analysis for soil pH, structure/ texture, and major elements was done. Towards developing genetic resources for future breeding, two trials have been established on farmer fields in Luwero and Namulonge. Farmers will evaluate drought tolerance

To improve nutrition through increased awareness and vegetable consumption, the Department of Agriculture and Biological Sciences participated in the annual Uganda Farmers Federation Agricultural exhibition at Jinja show grounds. Farmers from Butiki-Kyekidde group were given space to display and sell their vegetable seeds. Under the Uganda Christian University stall, the Department of Agriculture and Biological