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New fields evaluation trials have been established in five different locations (Mukono, Kamuli, Buikwe, Luwero and Masaka). This is with the aim of releasing One Nakati (S. aethiopicum Shum) and Doddo (Amaranthus dubius) variety. Training of farmers on Pest and disease management as well as vegetable production has been done. This took place at MUZARDI

We started off the year with field work in which two disease categories were identified. Below are the figures showing the various affected vegetables. Afrisol aims to ensure that African Indigenous Vegetables are accessible and disease free.

Mrs Ssekitoleko visits the African Indigenous Vegetable project at Uganda Christian University. She credits the ongoing work and recommends that a business plan should be developed. She further updates the project team about the available funding opportunities. In the venture to release Nakati and Doodo varieties in Uganda, MAAIF officials presented to Uganda Christian University