To optimize soil water management for commercial varieties, soil sampling to profile farmer fields in three locations and the laboratory analysis for soil pH, structure/ texture, and major elements was done.

Towards developing genetic resources for future breeding, two trials have been established on farmer fields in Luwero and Namulonge. Farmers will evaluate drought tolerance of fifty genotypes of Nakati (S. aethiopicum Shum). A third trial has been established on-station (Mukono). These trials make the second season of screening.

Towards developing biological control agents to improve soil health, samples of diseased and healthy plants of Solanum aethiopicum were collected from three different locations (Wakiso, Luwero, and Mukono). DNA has been extracted and will be sequenced to identify the causal agent of the disease.

Event: Partners meeting was held in UK from 22nd-24th July 2019. In this meeting, all partners (NIAB, UCU, Worldveg, MARI, and ICRAF) presented their progress. Additionally, the meeting streamlined a way forward to achieve project objectives. Partners had an opportunity to visit screen house and experimental trials at NIAB East Malling, Kent and in Cambridge.