Dr. Kizito is the secretary at Afri-SOL. Elizabeth is also heading the Department of Agricultural Sciences and Entrepreneurship at UCU. She has a PhD in Plant Breeding from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.She was also a Norman Borlaug Fellow in 2007. She has worked with the National Agricultural Research Organisation as a plant geneticist and prior to this was a Research Associate at Med Biotech Laboratories, Kampala.

Her work and publications are mainly focused on the application of molecular markers for breeding including cassava genetic diversity; QTL mapping and identification of candidate genes for drought tolerance in cassava. Some of the work above involved a multidisciplinary approach combining molecular marker analyses and farmer interviews to understand the cassava genetic diversity on-farm, for which she received an award for ‘Outstanding Research Publication 2006’ from the International Centre for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT, Spanish acronym).Her main focus in Afri-SOL is farmer participatory research and variety development.