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We have been taught about nutrition and consumption of vegetables. Our Children have learnt how to consume vegetables and we have been taught new ways of planting vegetables. Our earnings have increased from UGX200 to UGX1000 per vegetable batch. Am confident because of the capacity training programs. I feel empowered as woman to cultivate vegetables and

The innovations and technologies developed under this project are scalable under the South-South cooperation allowing for knowledge and technology transfer; and adoption to other regions in the continent thus improving nutrition and livelihood of Africa’s population. A success we attribute to our strong European and African partnerships. A special note of appreciation to our partners

I thank all the partners we have worked with on this project. This has been one of the best projects we have worked on. I am so happy and grateful that we have been able to communicate. A special note of appreciation to the farmers communities in Jinja, Wakiso and Mbale. I have seen them